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Glossary of Printing Terminology


Half Perf
A perforation line, usually across the form but not absolutely so, that does not cross the full dimension of the form.

Printed in colour is an illusion produced by a fine mesh of overlapping dots made up from a small number of ink primaries typically cyan, magenta, yellow and black. This mesh is known as a halftone screen, and photo images reproduced in print are commonly referred to as halftones.

Halftone Screen
A grid in which the lines and spaces are of equal thickness and equidistant, used in photographing an original for plate or block making.

The printing of irregular patterns of ink, usually to the surface of sheets of paper within a multi-part set, which render the image created unreadable- this is to ‘hide’ certain information, which is required not to be read by certain recipients of forms. (Also known as Masking, and scramble printing)

Heat Resistant Splice
A join in a reel of paper that will resist the heat of a heat set printing press.

Heat Set Ink
A printing ink intended to dry by the application of heat after printing.

Where two extra colours are added to CYMK to expand the gamut possible, green & Orange.

A spot on a printed sheet caused by dust, lint or ink imperfections; particularly noticeable on solids and halftones.

Hidden Entry
A multi-part form that has information ‘entered’ onto a second, third, fourth or subsequent leaf, but where that same information is not printed on to the first leaf, i.e. entry is ‘hidden’ by virtue of not having sight of the information on the top copy, but which is to be seen on subsequent leaved of the set.

Bright tones of a positive image on film, which corresponds with the negative areas.

Hold Out
Resistance of paper to ink absorption.

A device created by recording the wave patterns and diffraction of light. Used mainly for security purposes.

Hue, saturation and brightness (or luminance), being three coordinate colour space popularised in the form of the colour wheels in Apple’s Mac operating systems.

HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language)
The coding behind every web page. HTML is text-based and uses a system of naturally worded tags to produce web links, text presentation, page layout and picture handling.

The basic colour of an object irrespective of its lightness or saturation.

HWC (High weight coated)
A printing paper grade.

Hybrid Technology
Joining together of different technologies in one unit, such as combing flexographic and digital in one machine.

Hybrid Screening
Usually a mix of AM and FM screening technologies to improve print quality.

The non-image area on an offset printing plate that is repellent to ink.

The image area on an offset printing plate that receptive to ink.