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Glossary of Printing Terminology


Label Papers
A large variety of body papers that are made to be gummed, or for application of a self-adhesive material.

Laid Lines
A continuous watermark consisting of very close parallel lines, generally associated with spaced lined called chain lines at right angles to them.

Laid Paper
Usually printing or writing paper with a ribbed appearance caused by the use of a wire roll or dandy roll at the wet end of the paper machine.

A converted product made by combining together suitable paper or board either with other paper or board or with other materials such as plastics or metal foil, generally by means of an adhesive, to form a product with particular qualities.

A surface coating applied after the printing process.

LAN (Local Area Network)
A collection of interconnected desktop computers and servers that share data applications.

Laser Printing
Images are produced through electronic impulses using an intense, focused beam of light.

The position of print on sheet of paper.

An overall term to describe the design of the print or artwork.

LCD Liquid Crystal Display
Flat panel screen where each pixel is comprised of liquid crystal molecules suspended between two electrodes, and two polarising filters.

LED (Light Emitting Diode)
A semi- conductor that emits a specific and narrow spectrum light. Commonly used for displays on consumer electronic equipment.

Letterpress Printing
from images with a raised surface, which are inked and impressed directly onto the surface of the material.

Lick Coating
A light form of mineral coating, achieved by supplying the surface sizing press of the paper machine with coating material instead of normal surface sizing solution.

Light Cycle Analysis (LCA)
The measurement of the total environmental effects in the preparation of the raw materials of a product, the generation of the energy needed for transport and production, the manufacture of the product, its use and recycling and the disposal of the product.

Light Fast
Inks that will not fade to any significant extent even after prolonged exposure to light are termed light fast.

Perception by which white tones are distinguished from grey or black, and light from dark.

Lightweight Printing Paper
Printing paper with high bulk and a grammage under 40 g/m2, used in telephone directories, sales catalogues and airmail projects.

Line Perf
A perforated line that runs along the length of a form. Usually to be used as a separate description of a perf line in the middle of the form, rather than perf lines that appear at the side of the form for detaching the sprocket punched holes (see side perfs)

Lines Per Inch (lpi)
A gauge of resolution quality.

Line Screen
Halftones were originally produced photographically by overlaying a photo print with a transparent screening sheet bearing a close mesh of ultra thin lines. The resolution of this mesh- even when created digitally- is referred to as a line screen or halftone screen.

Line Work
A printing term used to describe printing in which lines of ink, or solid blocks of ink, appear.

Surface fibres released from paper during printing.

A build up of lint on an offset blanket, often leading to hickies.

Lithographic Printing
A planographic (ie flat surface) printing process in which the non-image areas of the printing plate are made wettable and the image areas are made to repel water whilst attracting the printing medium (ink).

Long Grain
The fibres in paper naturally take up an alignment roughly parallel to the direction of travel of the web on the papermachine; this becomes the grain direction. Papers are normally stocked in long grain form, short grain being supplied to a special order. The grain direction affects the stiffness in a particular dimension and must be taken into account when planning a job that needs to be folded, as paper usually folds easier with the grain.

Look Through
The appearance of a paper when held up to transmitted light. It discloses whether the formation is even and uniform or lumpy and ‘wild’. For graphic purposes, a regular, even look through is desirable, indicating a well made, uniform sheet.

LPI (Lines Per Inch)
being the resolution of a halftone screen.

Lightweight coated paper with a grammage below 60 g/m2.