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Glossary of Printing Terminology


NCR (No Carbon Required)
This expression, which was introduced by the National Cash Register Company (which formerly owned the patents), has now been superseded by the term carbonless.

The relatively low grade paper intended for the printing of newspapers; it is mainly produced from mechanical softwood pulp and recycled fibres.

The pressure point between two rollers.

Nitrogen Emissions
Nitrogen enters a pulp or paper mill with the raw timber and some of it is emitted in effluent. Biological waste water treatment requires both phosphorus and nitrogen, so some of the nitrogen in the effluent is eliminated in biological treatment. Some of the nitrogen gets burnt with the black liquor and some in the form of nitrogen oxides with the flue gases.

Non-Renewable Resources
Oil, coal, natural gas and other sources of energy which occur naturally and cannot be replaced.

Nordiac Swan
The Nordiac Swan is an eco label where a joint Scandinavian co-ordination team has determined the criteria for various branches of industry and applications are dealt with by a national committee.

Normal Weight
American system of specifying basis weight of paper.

Generic term for oxides of nitrogen, which are products of combustion. These gases contribute to acid rain.