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Glossary of Printing Terminology


Variable Data Printing
The ability in digital printing to change each document in a run to include different text or changes, so that each is personalised/individualise (see also personalised printing).

Vector Graphic
Artwork created using an illustration program in which lines, shapes and colours are defined internally as mathematically plotted objects. As you increase the size of the graphic, the lines, shapes and colours are automatically redrawn at a higher resolution. Thus a vector graphic is resolution-independent.

Vellum Paper
Vellum paper is strong, tough and of high class appearance. It is made to imitate the fine smooth finish of a parchment made from animal skin.

Virgin Fibre
Paper or board pulp fibre being used for the first time (as opposed to recycled or secondary fibre)

VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
Pollution caused by the process of printing.

Volume Basis
An expression used to denote the theoretical thickness in millimetres of 100 sheets of the given paper in 1oog/m2. it thus gives an indication of the bulk of the paper.

Void Hickey
A spot appearing as an inkless hole in a printed image. See Hickey.