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CD Calendars

Choose a CD Calendar Design or Upload your own

CD Calendars

Choose a CD Calendar Design

Print Buying Direct has CD Calendar Templates that you can edit. Search our site to find a Calendar Design that works for you.

Calendar Printing

Upload Your Own Artwork.

Choose a size, upload your Calendar artwork file and we'll print them in glorious full colour.

Design Calendars Online

Choose a CD Calendar Design

Select your favourite individually crafted Calendar design templates or upload your own print ready file.

Edit them Online

Use our editor to easily change fonts, colours, images, and add a logo. Choose images from our library of over 14 million or use your own.

Print & Deliver

Choose a quantity & size and we'll print your Cd Calendar and deliver them to you.

Upload Your Own Calendar


Simply choose the size and quantity of CD Case Calendars then upload your artwork.

Desk Calendars

Our turnaround times are clearly stated when ordering.


Upload your Hi-res Jpegs, TIFs or PDFs. Take a look at our file supply guide, for full artwork specifications.

desk calendar

We'll print in hi-definition full colour and deliver to you.


Wise Words

We've a big range of calendars for you to choose from. Everyone loves a freebie, and your customers are no exception. Send them a cd calendar they'll use it all year - and be reminded of you - not your competitor.

Our cd calendars can be 100% personalised just for you. Every square inch can be tailored just as you want it - you choose the colour scheme, you choose the images and you choose where to put your logo and contact details.

So spend time finding the right design for your business and add your own individual marketing message. Choose from a wide range of options including:

Top Tip

Your CD Calendars can be the most portable, affordable and versatile marketing method you use - don't be quiet about your services or shy about your accomplishments.