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Digital Print vs Litho Print

Digital Print Vs Litho print

At Print Buying Direct we have invested in the latest technology for both digital printing and litho printing enabling us to offer the most cost effective print methods whatever the requirements.

Digital Printing

The digital printing process is fairly simple. Firstly artwork is created on a computer (either by you the customer - or by one of our designers) and then sent to the digital press and is printed (much like a laser printer - but with far superior quality). This eliminates some of the processes associated with conventional litho printing (making plates, loading plates, press make ready). So with digital printing you can print smaller quantities in timescale's previously impossible without a paying a fortune. In fact our digital print prices usually surprise people.

A cost effective solution to your print needs, fast turn around or the ultimate marketing tool.

Digital print is so much more than just the answer to your short run dilemma. With the latest technology we can introduce personalised marketing solutions, using variable data printing there is no limit to the exciting possibilities for your new or existing literature.

With digital print you can expect:

  • Short Runs (great for business card printing)

  • Cost Effective

  • Flexible Fast Turnarounds

  • Personalise Each Sheet Of Print (please ask for details)

  • High Quality Printing

Litho Printing

Litho printing (also called Offset Lithography) has remained the industry standard printing process due to it's advantages in quality, efficiency and high volume runs it achieves.

All print areas are utilised by offset print. Producing company stationery, promotional literature, magazines, catalogues and packaging.

How does it work?

Firstly Printing Plates are made with our Heidelberg Platesetter and loaded onto one of our our Litho Presses. Then the ink from the plate is transferred to a rubber blanket, and from that blanket onto paper (Offset Printing). This is done using the fundamental concept that water and oil do not mix.

With litho print you can expect:

  • Long Runs

  • Cost Effective

  • High Quality Printing

  • Etremely Accurate Colour Reproduction

Call us on 0870 950 8444 or fill in our online form for a quote or more information.

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